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Let's go to Erebor.
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Ahh 3 of my friends are going to be on my flight to Germany!! :D we’ll all get to meet our host families together!

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It’s time to be Sherlock Holmes again.

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I did a scribble of Eleanor and park on the bus because I’m really in the mood to reread it :D

—Unknown (via onlinecounsellingcollege)Always be kinder than you feel.
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NSFW Portraits Reveal The Truth About Body Image

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At the Sydney Benedict Cumberbatch Oz Comic Con panel

Fan: You've played a lot of geeky characters...
Benedict: *narrows eyes*
Benedict (in Khans voice): is Khan a geek?
Benedict (in Smaugs voice): Is Smaug a geek?
Benedict (in a Sherlock type voice): Sherlock's a geek!
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A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.
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Cabin Pressure ask meme!


Send an ask containing destinations!

Abu Dhabi ("Oh god, I’m going to have to kill the client’s cat!") - Do you have any pets?

Boston ("I’ll always remember you as a shouty man.") - What was the last thing that made you angry? Pet peeves?

Cremona ("Is it…

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