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Let's go to Erebor.
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NSFW Portraits Reveal The Truth About Body Image

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At the Sydney Benedict Cumberbatch Oz Comic Con panel

Fan: You've played a lot of geeky characters...
Benedict: *narrows eyes*
Benedict (in Khans voice): is Khan a geek?
Benedict (in Smaugs voice): Is Smaug a geek?
Benedict (in a Sherlock type voice): Sherlock's a geek!
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—J.R.R. Tolkien (via nevercouldgetthehangofthursdays)

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A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.
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Cabin Pressure ask meme!


Send an ask containing destinations!

Abu Dhabi ("Oh god, I’m going to have to kill the client’s cat!") - Do you have any pets?

Boston ("I’ll always remember you as a shouty man.") - What was the last thing that made you angry? Pet peeves?

Cremona ("Is it…

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I have more photos of Benedict Cumberbatch saved on my computer than I do of my own family


"We understand so much…"

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I live in Tübingen. It sucks ^^' there are a few pretty houses and that's it. Shopping = no fun, variety of restaurants = 0, small 'city' with little clubbing culture.. really boring :c so don't expect too much lol

I’m sorry you don’t like it! :/ I come from a really tiny town (only one stoplight lol) and now I go to a small university where everything’s closed up by 10 pm, so I’m sure Tübingen will seem HUGE to me! I’m also really excited to learn the language and meet new people! I’m lucky enough to be traveling with some of the nicest people I know, and I’m sure we’ll manage to have a fantastic time :D

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Benedict Cumberbatch ice driving in Finland

"I’m not a macho alpha male sort of guy but I do like living on the edge a bit. I like skydiving, snowboarding, kite surfing and I ride a motorbike in London."

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